Makita has been one of those well-known brands in the market who is popularly known for manufacturing excellent quality of power tools. They design power tools that are excellent in class performance and are incredibly durable in cutting techniques. As they have been known for manufacturing excellent quality of power tools, on the other side, they have made a powerful name in the market for the cordless line category tools.

As we talk about the high quality miter saw tools by Makita, we always jump into the name of Makita LS1019L. Do you want to know why we recommend you invest in this power tool? If yes, then let’s dive into a detailed Makita LS1019L Review.

About Makita LS1019l Miter Saw

This excellent Makita LS1019L is yet the highly innovative miter saw of 10″ sliding compound, which rivals the 12″ saws in terms of cutting capacity. If you are into 5″ and 6″ molding, then choosing a 12″ saw should be your first choice. Using this great miter saw, you can perform similar cutting capacities without needing a giant tool or the expensive one.

It is hence supported by the unique rail system for sliding action. This rail system will allow a smaller footprint compared to the ‘Gliding’ technology into the Bosch 10″ great sliding compound miter.

makita ls1019l 10 dual-bevel miter saw

Makita positioned the rails just beside the miter saw and did not extend it behind the tool. In this way, you will be able to use it in some more confined areas or the ones which are smaller wood shops.

In addition, it often comes with the laser sight for simply lining up some cuts very quickly and that too accurately. It’s an incredible investment option because of its time-saving features and convenience.

Important Features

Now without a second delay, let’s get into the discussion about a few essential features you will find in Makita LS1019L:

Excellent Cut Quality with Impressive Stock Blade

This miter saw LS1019L is available with an impressive stock blade that is easy to put on work. Being the chop saw, this great Makita will accurately move out of the packaging box in so many ways. It trims the work and rest of the cuts, which require some absolute precision whose results are disappointing for the customers.

makita ls1019l miter saw

The real disappointment comes in the blade, which is not parallel to guides. This is possible because of the factory quality control. Most customers prefer to have their saw get serviced from Makita under the warranty consideration.

Available with the dust collection attachment and hose

A large port has been attached to the surface of the saw arm. This port can be used along with the dust collection system. It is thus shaped and located in a manner that can catch large dust coming off through the blade. No doubt, it is quite an impressive and exciting feature of this miter saw.

A flexible hose and a connector piece are also attached to the machine. You can attach it with the dust collection assembly in which another hose side is running through the blade shroud. For the miter saws, dust is flying in different directions, and it is not hard to control. This fantastic built-in dust collection is a significant improvement, making the power tool the best-selling option.


If we talk about usability, this miter saw comes with some convenient features. A laser guide is available to support great accuracy results. The electric brake is also part of this tool that can speed up the tasks to deal with repetitive cuts.

Convenient rail sliding system

To perform quick flush operating against the wall, the tool comes with a 2-steel rail sliding system. With this feature, you can efficiently perform your task without having extra working space. Its blade guard system is transparent or see-through, with which you can see the cut line and blade working.

In addition, the dual-bevel saw is another essential feature that can help the tool work efficiently without any need for a footprint area.


Looking at the saw for the first time, one will realize that the power tool is designed to maintain longevity. The Makita LS1019L has been powered with the 15 AMP direct drive motor featured with a soft start technology. With this technology, the tool ensures consistent and smooth power functioning.

Thus, the tool’s direct-drive motor has no belt and is not vulnerable to any slip or damage. It comes with electronic speed control technology for letting the blade stay at a constant speed during precise and smooth cutting.

Key Specifications

Diameter of Blade:10″
Arbor Diameter:5/8″
Max. Cutting Range (miter 90°):2-13/16″ x 12″
Max. Cutting Range (miter 45°, L/R):2-13/16″ x 8-1/2″
No Loading Speed:3,200 RPM
Dimension saw (LxWxH):31-3/4″ x 25-3/8″ x 26″
Net Total Weight:57.9 lbs.

Pros & Cons


  • 80% dust is removed and captured with dust extractor use
  • It’s a highly recommended saw for the contractors
  • Solid and heavy saw with a smaller footprint and great power
  • Allow perfect and exact cuts because of adjustable fence and stops


  • Customer’s complaint that the saw rails are a bit off square due to which the blade gets dragged on the longer sliding cuts.


To sum up the whole review on Makita LS1019L, we highly recommend this miter saw power tool for the contractors who want to boost their cutting productivity. It’s an incredible investment option because of its time-saving features and convenience.

It is affordable and is best to invest in if you are into woodworking projects within confined places. You might be facing some packaging issues, but if it is not your concern, this miter saw has great usability and power to perform job site tasks.