The use of a circular saw is common when it comes to performing any woodworking projects. But it is often extensively used for cutting plywood or longboard items. But have you ever thought about how to use a circular saw without a table

In most conditions, circular saws are used in conjunction with the tables for performing various woodworking projects. But few of the models do not require the use of the table for using the circular saw. 

Right through this guide, we will explain a quick guide on how you can use a circular saw without a table. Plus, some extra safety tips are also shared at the end for the beginner’s safety. Let’s dive into the discussion below.  

Step by Step Guide on How to Use a Circular Saw without a Table

Below, we share a few essential steps that you can follow for using a circular saw without any table. The method is a lot simple that even beginners can follow it. Let’s dive into the discussion below. 

Step 1

First of all, you have to take the pressure-treated plywood or some wood material that must be high in moisture. And for that, you have to use the circular saw blade, which is made just for the pressure treated plywood.

It is available with a unique non-stick covering, which reduces friction once the circular saw blade cuts through the damp wood.

Step 2

Next, you have to fit the saw with an edge guide. The edge guide will be moving all along the plywood side of the lumbar, which will ensure the uneven cut from one end to another one. 

Step 3

Make sure the depth of the blade has to be accurate, and it should be precise so it can quickly go through the wooden material. 

For the woodworking projects, the blade should have a depth of around 0.25 inches which is excellent to perform successful tasks.

Step 4

In the 4th step, you have to place some of the unused wood pieces on sawhorses with which you can make it cut down exactly as you wanted it to be. 

This is how you can prepare yourself to cut down one end of plywood very easily. 

Step 5

You can get the pieces to be cut down accurately and precisely very amazingly by making the correct type of circular saw and the circular saw blade. 

Extra Tips to Follow for Circular Saw Safety 

While using a circular saw for cutting plywood, a minor distraction can cause severe injuries. So make sure you are doing it with great care and attention. Follow the safety tips below for extra care: 

  • Avoid working alone and always have a helper by your side. 
  • Hold the saw by using two hands during the cutting time. 
  • In comparison to long material, you should always choose the short material to be cut down first. 
  • Before you change the blade, you should unplug the saw first.
  • Blade guards should be moving freely in between them, both closed and open positions. 
  • Try to prepare a stable surface when it comes to cutting any material. 
  • Depth of saw should be 1/8 inch thicker
  • You should always go with the lightweight saw in the beginning stages if you are new into the circular saw.
  • Keep the hair, clothing or jewellery away from the saw, which can be caught easily. 
  • Once the cutting has been done, you should never let the saw go because the blade is constantly spinning. 
  • Wear safety glasses as well as hearing protection when you are using a saw.