If you do not know how to use a circular saw, we have an easy to follow guide for beginners. This one is a portable tool and acts as a powerhouse. It is the most powerful tool for cutting woods, metal sheets, tubing and plastics.

You will find it most straightforward and hassle-free to use. It helps you make rip cuts, and you can cut through wider pieces of wood with ease. You can check out the below-mentioned guide on using and operating this tool.

Basics On a Circular Saw Parts

  • Beginners should know the basics of circular saw parts, like this tool is generally composed of a blade, handle, shoe/base plate, blade guard, bevel adjustment and depth adjustment knob.
  • The blade is located on the right side of the motor. If you are left-handed, using a circular saw will be of much ease for you.
  • Its blade guard remains to be retractable. When you are not using the blade, it gets covered by the guard.
  • The shoe or base plate comes in the form of a metal rectangle. It sets on the top of the wood when you intend to cut it.
  • The handle pushes the circular saw forward so that smooth cuts can be made.
  • Its secondary handle is known as a front grip, and its primary function is to guide the tool completely along the cutting line.
  • The bevel adjustment knob lets you make angled cuts, and the depth adjustment knob lets you choose the depth of your cut.
  • Trigger-Lock Switch prevents accidental opening of the blade.

Guide for Beginners When Using a Circular Saw

using Circular Saw For Beginners

cut lines for cutting wood for beginners
  1. The first step is to measure the wood that you wish to cut. Determine the cut line and make a marking on it.
  2. The next step is to clamp and fully lock the wood right on your workstation.
  3. Attach the blade, set the depth and adjust the bevel angle. It is recommended to set the depth at ¼ inches below the wood you want to cut!
  4. Turn on the power outlet if you are using a corded circular saw.
  5. You have to make sure that the base plate remains on the edge of the wood.
  6. Now, you can lift the blade guard, let the blade open its mouth, pull the trigger and operate the circular saw.
  7. While operating the saw, ensure that it remains on the cut lines and the base plate rests in the flat position.
  8. Cut the wood slowly and avoid running the tool at the fastest speed. If you push the saw hard, the motor will eventually be strained out.
  9. As soon as you achieve the desired cut, release the trigger, and the last step is to lift the tool.

If you have a mini circular saw, this guide on how to use mini circular saw can be helpful for you.


The arrival of cutting tools like mini circular saws has brought 100% ease, speed and convenience to our cutting tasks. Hence, beginners might have a clear idea of using a circular saw correctly! You can share with us your experiences at any time. Stay tuned.