Is it hard for you to know how to cut thick wood with circular saw? If yes, then this is the right place for you to get a quick guide on cutting the thick wood with circular saw and that too without any pain.

Before you starting cutting the wood with circular saw, you should know that the circular saw has some limitations which you need to be careful about during woodworking projects. For the beginners, it might be a bit tricky task to do the cutting of thick wood, but don’t worry because we have made your task a bit easier with detailed explanation here.

Tools you Require

  • Pencil to do marking
  • Measurement tape
  • A square
  • A stand for placing thick wood you want to be cut

How to cut Thick Wood with Circular Saw – 4 Easy Steps

Now let’s move to the steps for cutting hardwood with circular saw:

Step 1: Measurement of blade and wood thickness

First step is all about measuring the blade and the wood thickness at the far off distance. You won’t be able to cut the wood with circular saw if the wood thickness is double than the blade exposed part.

For example, if the exposed part of the blade is of 4 inches, you can just cut the wood thickness at the maximum measurement of 8 inches.

You can use the measurement tape for measuring the wood thickness and the blade. If the blade and wood does not match with one another, you can change them accordingly. Different circular saw models and the blade sizes are available in market.

Step 2: Placing wood onto stand

Now place your wood onto the stand. The size of stand should be based on the wood which you are about to cut. You need to make it place in a way that the part which you want to cut should be placed at the end of stand.

Step 3: Mark it with a Pencil

If you already know at what point you have to cut, you should mark it with pencil right away. Be careful with the marking because the lines have to be aligned and accurate.

Once the lines are created, use measurement tape for measuring each end of the wood carefully. This is required to test the accuracy of all those lines.

Step 4: It’s time to cut

Now get ready to cut it down! Before you began cutting, make sure that everything is done perfectly. Take the circular saw to the point of cutting and make it happen.

Once one side is all done, you have to turn the wood around and cut the other end again through the entire marked line. Perform this cutting for all the sides.

Safety Tips for Using Circular Saw

We all know circular saw as the portable and versatile tool for performing woodworking jobs. But for the newbie, we have some safety tips which they should follow for using circular saw right now.

  • It often creates some dust so make sure you do wear goggles and mask before you start the cutting.
  • Make sure all the cords should be cleared from all cutting areas.
  • Use the sharp blade for the cutting.
  • Blade-locking nut should never be over tightened
  • Keep the hand at a distance away from the saw plate.
  • Never force the saw in the forward direction for cutting.
  • Before you start cutting, rotate the machine to make sure that it is working accordingly or not.
  • Keep your saw unplugged as you measure the exposed part and even when you are not cutting.
  • Left-handed users should be careful when cutting which can be a bit tricky as compared to right handed users.