Do you want to buy a Festool track saw? Let me find one for you. There is no better track saw on the market than Festool’s. Investing in them is a wise move because they are high quality, precise, and versatile.

They also aid woodworkers in making better and more precise cuts from wood. Plunge saws are sometimes called track saws. As a result, it produces a thorough cut that can penetrate the wood.

Which Festool track saw do we recommend? In my opinion, the Festool 575387 TS 55 Plunge Cut Track Saw takes home the prize. Let’s get into an in-depth discussion about Festool TS 55 review to know more.

Festool TS 55 Track Saw Overview

festool ts 55 track saw

TS55 Festool plunge saws set a high benchmark in woodworking and joinery. We were amazed by its features, which enabled us to complete joinery and carpentry tasks with no problem. In the world of cordless power tools, Festool is seen as a premium brand. The price of this track saw might seem expensive to some people but look at the awesome specs and features below.

Compared to traditional circular saws, you can set the depth of cut more accurately with Festool TS 55. Without compromising the precision and quality of the cut, it starts and stops easily. This tracking saw is mostly used by professionals for long precise cuts.

If you use a circular saw instead, you can start from anywhere on the piece of wood. With the riving knife fitted to the plunge saw, extra accuracy can be achieved as the piece does not pinch. The Festool Plunge Saw is hard to beat for accuracy and a clean cut.

Key Specifications

Consumption power1200 watt
Voltage range120V
Saw weight9.92 pounds
RPM power2,000-5,200
Diameter of saw blade6-1/4″
Blade saw type48-tooth blade
Cutting saw depth0″ – 2-1/8″
Angular range1 – 47-degrees

Festool TS 55 depth guage
Festool TS 55 depth guage

Key Features 

After discussing the product overview, it’s time to talk about the key features of Festool TS 55 track saw to see why this saw is worth to invest. Let’s check out below:

1. Motor

A brushed motor is used in the Festool TS 55. Can its performance be affected by this? Not at all! Just like the brushless models, the motor spins at a high speed of 5,200 RPM. This saw delivers clean, accurate cuts without splinters.

A triple motor bearing is also included in the track saw. This extends the tool’s life, as well as facilitates smoother cutting.

2. Riving Knife

With this track saw, your woodworking projects will no longer pinch the blade.

The kerf is kept open by a spring-loaded riving knife. By doing so, the blade is not pinched. Moreover, the riving knife enhances user safety by reducing the likelihood of kickback. Whenever plunge cuts are made, the base of the saw does not rise, this reduces stops.

3. Guide Rail

Festool TS 55 and its guide rail work perfectly together. The FS guide rail allows the saw to stay on a set path, allowing for straight, perfect cuts at any time.

You can also achieve zero-tear-out cutting when using the guide rail splinter guard. This results in less waste and rework.

One drawback remains, however. As a result, you will need to buy the guide rail separately.

4. Full-Cover Blade Guard

The track saw ensures operator safety after work. The blade is enclosed after use by the full-cover blade guard. Upon completion of the project, the blade and the riving knife are automatically retracted.

Your fingers and hands will be protected from unnecessary cuts and scrapes.

5. Variable Speeds

Six-speed dials are provided with the track saw. Even if you choose a different speed, the blade speed remains constant to ensure a uniform cut.

In addition to its recommended speeds for gypsum and cement-bonded fiberboards, Festool recommends speeds 3-6 for chipboards and hardboards, as well as speed 6 for solid wood, block-boards, and laminated wood.

To optimize the speed of cutting, use the adjusting knob. Adapting to the speed and style of the cut takes only a couple of seconds.

6. Greater Bevel Range

Bevel Range of Festool TS 55

Bevels typically range from 0 to 45 degrees on track saws. However, the Festool TS 55 has a better range of bevels. The angle cutting can be extended from -1 degrees to 47 degrees with this machine. Users of this saw can cut two more degrees beyond 45 degrees thanks to its 47-degree bevel.

The -1-degree lever is used to make -1-degree undercuts.

7. Flush-Cutting

The flat housing of the track saw makes it a good tool for flush-cutting. A 1/1-15/16-inch flat housing offset enables straight cuts against walls or edges. It is also helpful for flush cutting due to the micro-adjustable depth control.

8. Weight and Portability

Woodworkers love a powerful track saw, but if it’s portable, they’ll enjoy it even more.

A good thing about the Festool TS 55 is how lightweight and easy it is to carry. It weighs only 9.92 pounds, making it easy to transport between job sites.

An ideal fit for the passenger’s seat, this compact tool is small and lightweight. You can replace your stationary woodworking equipment with this handheld unit.

9. Dust Control

After a long day of woodworking, cleaning up the mess can be tiresome.

This dust collector from Festool TS 55 can remove debris and dust effectively. Operators can perform this service in their clients’ homes without creating a mess.

What you get in the box?

When you purchase the Festool TS 55, the following accessories are included:

  • Blade for fine-tooth saws HW W48
  • Guard against splinters
  • Window with the flag
  • Panel of vision
  • Wrenches

Pros & Cons


  • Cutting with accuracy
  • A splinter-guard made of green plastic minimizes cutting defects
  • Included is an aluminum grade trail guide
  • After completing the job, there should be little or no dust left
  • The motor is lightweight and powerful
  • Longer pieces of timber can be included in the trail guide


  • You need to wear ear protection when it’s noisy
  • Costly 


Festool track saws are powerful and precise. However, I think the Festool TS 55 is the best. It can cut through a variety of materials at speeds of 5,200 RPM. Wood, aluminum, plaster, and cement-bonded fiberboard can be ripped with its six-variable speeds.

A track saw powered by an electronic motor has a smooth start and maintains a constant speed under load. Furthermore, the ventilator cools the motor at reduced power as a result of the temperature cut-out. This prevents the motor from overheating.

DIYers and professionals can use Festool TS 55. It is an easy-to-use, lightweight, and compact tool. Additionally, you only need a little space and equipment to make it work smoothly. It’s yours now! Get the top rated track saw from Festool.