This Dewalt DW716 review shows that this is a great compound best miter saw if you need a saw that can handle larger boards and trim molding is easy to carry around and has excellent accuracy. It is an entry-level compound miter saw and is 12 inches long. Nonetheless, it’s an improvement over the Dewalt DW715.

Improved features include an extended cross-cut capacity and a dual-bevel setting. Despite its versatility, this saw has excellent accuracy, impressive cutting capacity, and features that make it a powerful tool. So you can use it for yet almost any type of job you can think of.

What do you get in the box?

You get a blade wrench, carbide cable, and with a dust bag for this tool. In addition to being compatible with the DW7187 miter saw best laser system, the 716 saw chain also includes the DWS7085 LED superior cut line indicator. Both are sold separately, however!

DW716: What can I do with it?

First, this saw can make miter cuts up to 50 degrees in both directions. With this feature, you can handle just about any trimming task you may have. The head of the saw can be rotated so that bevel cuts can be made up to 48° on either side.

This saw makes cutting crown molding a breeze if you’re used to cutting it the old way. If you have never used any circular saw before, you may wonder why anyone would find it challenging. In addition, it has a 15 amp motor and 12-inch blade, making it a very capable saw.


Length of Blade12 inches
Dimension27.5 x 20 x 20 inches
Power SourceCorded Electric
Motor power15 amp, 3,800 rpm motor
Weight44 lbs

Key Features

Any woodworker who wants to create well-defined, professional pieces will find the miter saw compound to be an essential tool. Either professionally or out of passion, you need one when working with timber!

Dual-Bevel Compound

The dual bevels of this unit make it extremely easy to use. Cross-cuts and angular cuts (right and left) can be performed simultaneously. The device’s ability to perform this function sets it apart from other models with similar pricing.

Model Variant

With the DW716 from DeWalt, you can update it with a laser device. When you cut with DeWalt, you access the XPS system for precision and visual indicators. This tool is also helpful for cutting tasks.


Three-hundred-and-eighty Rpm is the maximum speed of the 15-amp engine. This engine is very reliable and offers reliable control. It’s essential to use a strong compound miter saw when dealing with hardwood, and the DW716 is a great choice.

Build quality

Without a doubt, this device is designed exceptionally well. This miter saw is positioned as a premium product in the DeWalt brand lineup.

60-tooth blades that is fast and strong

A carbide blade with a 60-tooth industry standard is included in this device. An impressive 3,800 revolutions per minute make this device convenient and easy to use.

Ergonomic Design

The height and structure of this product make it highly ergonomic and help to improve usability for a prolonged period. This entire machine is ideal for those who like to cut materials all day without becoming exhausted. The fence makes it easy for you to cut. With this device, you can easily select the position that corresponds to your body and your overall posture.

11 Angle Stops

The DeWalt DW716 miter saw’s angular device provides fantastic flexibility when the cutting bevel points into the wood. The blades can be placed into a standard position by straight pressing a single button.

DeWalt DW716

Dewalt DW716 12 inch Miter Saw


  • Portable and lightweight
  • The 15-amp motor is powerful
  • System XPS
  • Budget-friendly
  • A three-year warranty is available


  • Dust port of a tiny size
  • Customers have complained that DW716 LED lights are dark

Who is it for?

Many similar saws sell at a higher price point than the Dewalt DW716. The reason for this is the impressive mitering and beveling capabilities, along with the wider cross-cutting allowance afforded by the back fence.

Despite weighing 44 pounds, it isn’t too heavy to move around. Trim carpenters should use this saw. It would also be an ideal tool for any woodshop, as the necessity to cut wide boards is very common among woodworkers and cabinet makers.

There is likely more to this saw than is needed for beginners, and for them, I recommend a saw with similar features but priced lower for hobbyists. You may very well find this saw worth the extra cost if you like the idea of dual bevels, love Dewalt tools, and want their 3-year warranty.

Comparing the DW715 vs. DW716

Compared to the DW715, the DW716 is slightly more expensive. You will have to decide how much trimming you will do based on how many projects you have to handle.

DW716’s double-bevel capabilities could benefit you, and the extra cost is entirely justified if you have a big project planned. The 716 model is the best, even if you do not think you have large projects.

Comparing the DWS780 vs. DW716

The DeWalt DWS780 offers several additional features that have proven helpful during cutting projects, even though both of these saws are powerful and good at cutting through even the hardest woods. This will ultimately depend on your intended use for them.

Features of the DWS780 include:

  • Accurate positioning of the cross-cutting system XPS
  • Cutting is easy
  • Cutting tall stock is possible

As compared to the 716 saw, this dewalt saw saw is more expensive. The DW716 is the best option for those looking for affordable options. The DWS780, however, is an excellent saw if you need to cut high stock.

Final Verdict

Durability is a hallmark of DeWalt tools. Despite the best efforts of manufacturers and designers, even the best products require repair and maintenance. The products come with the 90-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about it. Moreover, it is backed by a three-year warranty and a one-year service contract.

I believe that the DeWalt DW716 is a well-designed tool meant to be durable and a worthwhile investment for those doing construction and those making home improvements. Due to these reasons and more, this miter saw is the best choice for almost any type of project. Crown molding primarily benefits from the double-bevel capability.