The use of table saws is pretty much and extensively common now a days. We spot their utilization for home improvement and DIY projects. You can have them for cutting woods, plastics as well as metal and other materials. Installation tasks linked with wooden flooring, railings and cabinetry – table saws are always used. Here we have reviewed the top ten picks for our readers to help them choose the best table saw for small shop in 2022.

They have become the ideal picks for small shop-owners because they are of compact size and easy to carry anywhere. In addition, you can conveniently operate them because no complicated settings are installed. They have the tendency to fully prevent accidental starts. Most of the models comes with a miter gauge and rip fence.

The catchy quality is that multiple numbers of blades are installed so that diverse number of cutting needs can be fulfilled. All in all, these are effective and simple to use table saws that you can have.

They claim to offer accurate cutting job no matter your chosen material is wood, plastic, steel, glass or metal. For framing doors and windows, for trimming larger shelving and trimming cabinetry, we hope that these suggestions will come out to be valuable for you.

Top 10 Best Table Saw for Small Shop in 2022 Reviews

ImageTable SawsSpeedPrice


  • 4800 RPM
SKIL TS6307-00

SKIL TS6307-00

  • 4600 RPM
BOSCH 4100XC-1

BOSCH 4100XC-1

  • 3650 RPM
Metabo C10RJS

Metabo C10RJS

  • 4500 RPM
Goplus 10"

Goplus 10″

  • 5000 RPM
Powermatic PM1000

Powermatic PM1000

  • 4500 RPM
Worx WX572L

Worx WX572L

  • 4800 RPM
Huanyu Mini Table Saw

Huanyu Mini Table Saw

  • 9000 RPM


  • 4500 RPM
APSTOUR Mini Portable

APSTOUR Mini Portable

  • 4500 RPM

1. DEWALT DWE7491RS Table Saw

Indeed, DEWALT Table Saw is one of the most suitable models for people who have small shops and involved into the tasks of wood cutting, framing doors and windows. According to our team, this respective model is the name of ensuring portability and durability.

It is of 10 inches and shows 32-1/2 inch Rip Capacity. Note that the rolling stand is further featured with a rack and pinion fence system. It will now be easy for you to make fence adjustments in the fastest, smoothest and highly accurate manner.

If you have already tried out the previous table saw models manufactured by DEWALT, you will like this one as well. The delivery of high rip capacity helped our team of experts cutting variety and extensive range of larger shelving. On the same note, trimming the toughest materials will not be a hassle for you.

If your present saw fails to make narrow rip cuts, we suggest you try Dewalt DWE7491RS table saw. It is installed with a 15 amp motor and cuts, rips and trims through hardwoods with so much ease. There is no need to set up big and heavy saws in your small shops. You need to look for a compact option and among them we have this great choice.

The catchy part is that it has 2-inches of dust collection port that your workplace area may not create any mess. Have it for wide number of applications and let us know your feedback as well.

dwe7491rs table saw use 1

To all cabinet and hardwood installers, DEWALT cutting machine has arrived to make your tasks easy and quick enough. You can utilize the same model for ripping filler and floor boards. In addition, feel free to utilize it for tasks linked with ripping and cross cutting, framing book shelves and even for the job of ripping framing lumber. According to our team, all these amazing features make this arguably the best table saw for small shop.


  • Rolling stand
  • Easy set up
  • Easy fence adjustments


  • Limited guarantee

2. SKIL TS6307-00 Table Saw

Next, one we have SKIL Table Saw! It is specifically meant to be used by small shop owners. High cutting capacity, parallel blade alignment, maximum bevel capacity and the presence of integrated folding stand has made it one of the most amazing recommendations.

These rack and pinion fences will make sure that the blade remains in the parallel position so that the user constantly gets accurate, precise as well as fast and smooth cuts. Storing this saw will not be a hassle for the shop owner because its legs are foldable.

In addition, the blade can be adjusted up to micro level. In this way, it will remain parallel right to rip fence as well as miter slot. Thus, if you are searching for a compact saw that delivers 4.4 cutting capacity, get hold of this pick. It cuts and trims all kinds of materials at 90 degrees.

skil TS6307-00 table saw by sawpicks 1

You can even cut between two positive stops made at 0 and 45 degrees range. Cutting and trimming any wood material, plastic, aluminum, steel and metal will now be quick because it is packed with 10 inches of 24-tooth carbide blade.

Achieving precise and accurate cuts will definitely become the easiest job for you. Lastly, the dust port elbow redirects maximum dust to a container.


  • Accurate cuts
  • Portability and super convenient storage
  • Quick release lever


  • Absence of Cutting-edge technology

3. BOSCH 4100XC-10 Table Saw

How about buying BOSCH 4100XC-10 Table Saw! If you have a small shop that offer services linked with wood and plastic cutting, framing shelves, windows and doors and you are eagerly looking for a compact and lightweight saw, have this suggestion right now.

It is the most powerful saw that you have not tried out till now. Its motor shows 4.0 max HP, 3,650 rpm. No doubt, it is best to be used for tasks like rip-cutting and also cross-cutting. If you used to think that cutting rough materials has always been the challenging task, this thought can be discarded because BOSCH saw has officially arrived.

bosch 4100xc review by sawpicks

No matter you want to cut delicate and hardest materials, using this model is simply enough. You can see that the large in size cast aluminum top will certainly give you an increased work space as well as maximum material support.

On the other hand, the feature of Constant Response circuitry maintains the speed no matter how heavy and massive the load has become! Thus, it is engineered in a way to show versatile cutting operations.

bosch 4100xc review by sawpicks 2

Get hold of it because it is the trustworthy recommendation accompanied by smart guard system, square lock rip fence and offer onboard storage option as well.


  • Soft-start circuitry
  • Restart protection
  • Portability


  • It lacks Quick release lever

4. Metabo C10RJS Table Saw

Metabo Table Saw is of 10-inches and it is believed to be one of the handy cutting machines for people having small-size shops. Features like Carbide Tipped Blade and Blade Guard, Rip Fence as well as Miter Gauge have made it the most trustworthy saw model till now.

It contains 15 Amp motor that delivers 4,500 RPM. If your services are to offer versatile range of cutting applications, we suggest you get hold of this model. It guarantees to offer the highest cutting capacity and runs on the latest technological standards.

It tends to make 3-1/8 inches of cut at 90 degrees and also 2-1/4 Inches of cut at 45 degrees, how impressive it is! Rest, you can make it bevel from 0 to 45 degrees. The soft start operations and electric brakes have made it a super and high-quality table saw.

So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of it because it will definitely bring a pro effective and perfection in your cutting, trimming and crafting tasks. Note that there is an oversized power switch so that you can immediately shut down it without any hassle.

Rest, the rolling stand is foldable for easily transporting and storing it. For wood cutters, crafters and cabinet installer, this reviewed jobsite table saw has become the favorite pick. It is engineered in the most ideal manner and you can have it for rip-sawing as well as cross-cutting.

Metabo C10RJS review by sawpicks

You can trim and craft ordinary wood, and hardwood. Cutting plywood and any kind of composite wood materials will not be a challenging task for you.

The brand has infused this machine with wheels. In this manner maneuvering it through tough terrains will certainly not be tiring enough. Lastly, it supports maximum and wide rip capacity that reaches up to 35 degrees.


  • Best to be used for toughest cutting applications
  • High cut capacity
  • Electric brakes


  • You might not spot rubber shock pads

5. Goplus 10″ Table Saw

Lots of people have genuinely admired the use of Goplus Table Saw. Its highlighting part is that powerful and versatile cutting performance is constantly showcased by it. In addition, small shop sliding table saw rips through all kinds of hardwood and firewood with ease.

The heavy-duty table stand will prevent the saw from shaking as long as you are using it. In addition, it has a 35 tooth blade, deliver double bevel cutting, and comes with a rip fence and miter gauge. It is all because of its 26″ rip capacity that it has become a top choice among so many shop-owners.

Best Budget Table Saw for Small Shop

We believe that ripping larger and tougher wood materials, crafting plastics and ceramic tiles will become an enjoyable task because you have now Goplus saw in front of you. It decreases extra friction and end up delivering smooth and accurate cuts.

Most noteworthy, the carbide-tipped blade comes with a transparent guard as well as riving knife so that you may not get hurt or be injured by flying chips. Indeed, it has become a top pick among beginners and experts because double bevel cutting operations are offered and you can cross cut right at 90 degrees as well as bevel cut at 45 degrees.

Besides, controlling this machine will not be difficult because the large hand wheel helps you getting full command and control while lifting the blade. It is time to perform jobs of slotting, ripping and all kinds of narrow and cutting task with preciseness and we are hopeful that you will be immensely satisfied by its use.

Remember that the sliding miter gauge is adjustable from -45° to 45° for performing the range of cross cutting tasks with so much ease. Its other interesting feature is that the cutting machine is packed with the on/off safety switch for ensuring overload protection.


  • Aluminum construction
  • It offer Double Bevel Cutting
  • Adjustable Height


  • Inactive customer service

6. Powermatic PM1000 Table Saw

Powermatic Table Saw consumes not a lot of workspace and improves your cutting, trimming, cabinetry and crafting operations on the best notes. You can conveniently use it without any hassle.

In adding, it is composed of a precision ground work surface so that cutting, crafting and trimming the delicate wood materials might become easy enough for the user. There is a beveled edge inducted in it for endorsing smoother operations and the independent side leaves keeps on maximizing safety.

You can also see that Accu-Fence guarantees precision and lot of flexibility. So, what have you planned now? We believe that table saws like these should be tried out by you. The induction of poly-V belt premium drive system brings down vibration as well as maximizes efficiency.

It shows you the kind of cutting operations that you have not seen before. No matter you are a beginner or expert level woodworker, this one is the perfect saw model.

Powermatic PM1000 review by sawpick 1

It evolves your cutting and crafting operations and you become a pro in your profession in less time. All in all, it shows exceptional design, innovation and 100% durability.


  • Cast iron work surface
  • Smoother operations
  • Rigidity and precision


  • No money-back guarantee

7. Worx WX572L Table Top Saw

Those who have not yet tried out the Worx brand, right is the time to do so! Here we have reviewed for our readers this Worx Table Top Saw and we are definitely sure that it will meet your expectations.

Unquestionably, this model will perform on its best notes while making cross and rip cuts. The presence of steel rip fence and the injection of the most premium riving knife system have made it a popular recommendation. If you have got a small-size woodcutting shop, choose this good table saw for small shop and pay your thank later on.

Worx WX572L sawpicks review

It performs assortment and wide number of cutting jobs and that too with perfection. Like, with its single use, it makes wider, longer as well as straighter cuts without showing any hassle. You will find it truly portable, lightweight, and easy to use.

Its weight is less than 15 lbs and it will not at all be tough for you to move it from shop spot to another. With its proper use, you end up making 0 to 60 degrees miter cuts, how amazing it is!

Rest, the safety switch and key will keep your guarded from any accidental times. It is time to perform your DIY woodcutting tasks with more précises and it seems possible if you plan to get the Worx saw. It functions and completely based on the cutting-edge technology.

The highest cutting efficiency standards are followed by this entry level table saw. Note that the package includes five blades so that cutting woods, aluminum, and ceramic tile, steel may become quick.


  • Ideal for making wider cuts
  • Safety switch as well as safety key
  • Cutting-edge technology


  • Its set up process is time taking

8. Huanyu Mini Table Saw

For small shop owners, we strongly suggest them having this Huanyu Table Saw. Lots of qualities are present in it. Like, it has upgraded motor, ensures safety and accuracy, and comes with a liftable blade.

This one is the 6T version of the reviewed table saw that you can get your hands on! We have seen that it is largely due to the high-torque motor that all your cutting operations will be fulfilled with easiness and smoothness. The speed ranges up to 9000 revolutions per minute and the motor tends to show the ultra-highest cutting force.

If you think that your current saw does not show much adaptability to any of your cutting needs, have Huanyu saw. The presence of a miter gauge and also a laser scale plate guarantees to show high-precision. You can even be doing multi-angle cutting with the help of it.

It is all high time that you should be seeing excellent and ideal amount of cutting effect and this is only by far achievable if you invest in Huanyu saw. It endorses practices like safety, precision and accuracy.

huanyu mini review by sawpicks 2

The blade is made of 110mm special alloy and such a construction promises to offer high concentricity. So, are you ready to invest in this compact saw? You should be! Feel free to use it for range of operations and tasks like cutting and polishing wood.

Besides, have it for carving and drilling plastics and ceramic tiles. You can now perform your handmade trimming projects with ease. Simply buy this reviewed model and do not forget to share your reviews.

(See the list of more top rated mini table saws here)


  • High-torque motor
  • Different cutting speeds
  • Equipped with a miter gauge


  • The height is a bit tough to adjust

9. GDRASUYA 4inch Mini Table Saw

GDRASUYA Table Saw is another low cost suggestion from our side. It shows 5/8″ depth of cut and no-load Speed all up to the range of 4500 rpm.

If you notice that your crafting and cutting operations are not meeting the accuracy and precision standards, we suggest you get this model then! It is so much easy to carry and endorses the best practices like high-efficiency. There are two blades injected in it. One is of 4 inches of Carbide Tipped Blade, and the second one is of 4 inches of Dry Diamond Blade.

With its use, you can cut plastic, wood. In addition, you can rip glass, stone and other kinds of non-metallic materials. Once you buy, you will get 24-hour online service.
Besides, it has a low-noise motor and the blade diameter is up to 100mm. Thus, we suggest you utilize such saws because they offer wide application and versatile amount of use.

Have it for cutting copper, aluminum. They show unlimited and the highest working capacity and makes the most precise cross and rip cuts.


  • Easy to carry
  • High-efficiency
  • It has a low-noise motor.


  • Needs a lot of maintenance

10. APSTOUR Mini Portable Table Saw

APSTOUR Table Saw is one of the high-speed saws that you can try out. It is of 4 inches and allows the user regulate the speed in any manner he wants to. Most importantly, it shows 15MM cutting depth and accompanied by a total number of three blades.

With the help of it, cutting wood, trimming plastics and steel, crafting ceramic tiles and glass will no longer a complex and complicated job for you. In addition, the blade clamp comprises 24mm diameter so that you tend to see lot of precision and accuracy in your cutting tasks.

You can see that it is available in a mini-size and all small shops can conveniently accommodate it. Its motor shoes powerful operations, produces low noise and also injected with rubber shock pads.

Experiencing precise cutting operations are achievable because saws like APSTOUR have arrived. Along with that, the laser scaled plate will make your cutting and trimming part more easy.

Thus, bring it in your shop and let us know your reviews on it. It helps you in cutting non-ferrous metal materials. Trimming copper and aluminum will now become simpler and quicker. You can utilize the same model for cutting non-metallic materials.


  • Ideal for Glass Cutting
  • Rubber shock pads
  • Shock absorption feature


  • There is no induction of soft-start circuitry

Buyer’s Guide – Finding the Best Table Saws for Small Shops

In this buyer’s guide for choosing right table saw for small shop owners, you will learn the important features (factors) you need to consider while choosing the best one. If you are confused how to choose the best small shop table saw then just make sure to keep the considerations we’ve discussed in mind, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect table saw for your small shop.

Size of the Blade

One of the most important considerations when choosing a table saw is the size of the blade. If you have a small shop, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a saw with a blade that is small enough to fit in your space.

Dust collection

Our woodworking veterans say that dust collection is an important consideration, especially if you have a small shop. You’ll want to make sure that the table saw you choose has a good dust collection system to help keep your shop clean.


Finally, you’ll want to consider the price of the table saw. There are a wide range of prices on the market, so you’ll want to make sure that you find one that fits your budget.

Size of Table Saw

For small workshops, size of table saws should be small.  A small table saw will have a blade size of around 10 inches. Some of the best small table saws include the Dewalt DW745, SKIL TS6307-00 Table Saw and BOSCH 4100XC-10 Table Saw.


When it comes to power, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a table saw that has enough power to handle the projects you’re interested in. If you only plan on doing light-duty work, then a lower-powered saw should be fine. However, if you want to do heavier-duty work, then you’ll need a more powerful saw.

Type of Motor

The type of motor is also an important consideration when choosing a table saw. The two main types of motors are direct drive and belt drive. Direct drive motors are more powerful but can be noisy. Belt drive motors are quieter but don’t have as much power. If you’re looking for a powerful table saw, then a direct drive motor is a good option. However, if you want a quiet table saw, then a belt drive motor is a better option.


The fence is another important consideration when choosing a table saw. You’ll want to make sure that the fence is sturdy and that it can be adjusted to fit your needs. A good fence should be able to be adjusted for both rip cuts and cross cuts.


Safety is always an important consideration when using any power tool. You’ll want to make sure that the table saw you choose has a good safety system to help prevent accidents. Anti-kickback features including blade guards are important safety features to look for.


Finally, you’ll want to consider the warranty when choosing a table saw. Most table saws come with a limited warranty. However, some brands offer better warranties than others. If you’re looking for a table saw with a good warranty, then Dewalt and Makita are two good options.

How We Tested and Chose the Best Table Saws for Small Shop

We started by doing some research on table saws, looking at both consumer reviews and expert opinions. We also took a close look at the features offered by each of the saws we considered. Based on our findings, we narrowed our list down to ten of the best table saws for small shops. We specifically chose the table saws that are designed for smaller spaces (shops).

For each of these saws, we considered a number of factors, including price, blade size, horsepower, and warranty. We also looked at each saw’s included accessories and ease of use.

We spent 37 hours for testing each of the 10 reviewed table saws, making a variety of cuts to see how they performed. We also looked at how easy each saw was to set up and use. Based on our findings, we think the best table saw for small shops is the Dewalt DW7491S.

We chose saws that were relatively lightweight and easy to move around, so it won’t take up too much space in your shop. Plus, we looked for features like dust collection port and onboard storage system. All the saws we selected are budget-friendly and portable. Portability was our vital point of consideration.


So, are you ready to try out these high-quality best table saws for small shop ! Give them a try for once and let us know how much they have satisfied and ease your cutting, trimming, ripping and crafting operations.

Our Top Choices are:

• DEWALT Table Saw
• SKIL Table Saw
• BOSCH 4100XC-10 Table Saw

They are excessively used by remodelers, deck builders, wood cutters and crafters. For ripping and framing lumber, make sure to choose any of the above-mentioned recommendations. They help you in wide number of tasks starting from ripping and cross cutting to trimming and crafting. Stay tuned with us.