Gone are those days when people used to prefer only big in size, heavyweight and bulky enough to hold circular saws. In the 21st century, we have seen massive demand for the best mini circular saw, and here we have reviewed the top ten models for our readers.

They possess a lightweight design, compact construction, minute size, but the kind of power encased in them is simply spectacular and jaw-opening. With these mini saws, you cut all thick materials with ease. In addition, they offer one-handed operations, maximum cutting capacity, and are quick to maintain. You will find their use and overall operations impressive enough.

Besides, they take the plunge, cross, miter, and bevel cuts at a perfect rate. Time to bring artistic effect into your woodcutting tasks, and it seems possible if you use mini and lightweight saws. How about trying the below-mentioned models? Yes, you can dare to do so.

Best Mini Circular Saw in 2022 – Top 10 Reviews

ImageProductsUnique FeaturePrice
Makita SH02R1 Mini Circular Saw

Makita SH02R1 Mini Circular Saw

  • Tilting base
Worx WX429L

Worx WX429L

  • Efficient cuts
Genesis GCS445SE

Genesis GCS445SE

  • Spindle lock
TECCPO Mini Circular Saw

TECCPO Mini Circular Saw

  • Copper motor
PowerSmart Mini Circular Saw

PowerSmart Mini Circular Saw

  • A lot of precision
HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw

HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw

  • Includes three blades
ENVENTOR Mini Circular Saw

ENVENTOR Mini Circular Saw

  • Includes laser guide
WEN 3625 Mini Circular Saw

WEN 3625 Mini Circular Saw

  • Carbide tipped blade
GALAX PRO Mini Circular Saw

GALAX PRO Mini Circular Saw

  • Double protection switch
TODOCOPE Mini Circular Saw

TODOCOPE Mini Circular Saw

  • Easy adjustments

1. Makita SH02R1 Mini Circular Saw

Make up your mind and get your hands on Makita Mini Circular Saw! It unquestionably works perfectly and cuts the thickest wood types no matter the machine is of small size. Its powerful motor speed reaches 1,500 RPM and constantly delivers speedier cutting operations.

In addition, 3-3/8″ blade is enclosed with a cutting depth range of 1,” and you end up meeting all your cutting needs of yours. You can even adjust the cutting depth from 1″ at 90 degrees and 5/8″ at 45 degrees.

However, for making bevel cuts, the brand has incorporated the product with a tilting base to make cuts from 0° to 45°. Thus, you can cut drywall and MDF with ease with the help of such tiniest saws. Same way, you can cut and trim plywood and pegboard with speed and accuracy through such a cutting machine.

All in all, the compact cutting experience is endorsed by the brand, and you will see the same quality once you buy and use it. Besides, it is of ultra-compact size, fully meets diverse cutting applications, and includes two Lithium-Ion batteries.

You should not worry about investing in a small-size cutting machine because it works according to the latest standards. It ensures ergonomics and improved balanced. The traditional models of saws had pod-style batteries, but this current model is infused with hi-fi batteries.

The catchy part is that the L.E.D charge level indicator encompasses these batteries to oomph its overall functioning. Its weight is just 3.5 pounds and perfectly cuts plywood and MDF. It shows maximum power while cutting pegboard and particleboard.

Thus, if you are looking for the best mini circular saw that runs on a more compact cutting solution, we suggest you have this model. Its top-notch performance is combined with superior ergonomics.


  • Faster cutting
  • Adjustable cutting depth
  • Ideal for cutting plywood


  • No money-back guarantee

2. Worx WX429L Mini Circular Saw

You will definitely find this Worx Mini Circular Saw as one of the compact size saws that you have ever spotted so far. For some specific reason, the brand has kept its size small. Mini saws help you make efficient and accurate cuts, which is why this model is designed according to this concept.

If your workspace seems to look limited and big cutting machines cannot adjust, setting up a small saw s advisable in that area. You can move its level from 0 to 45 degrees bevel, and the settings can be adjusted quickly and without any hassle. It is meant to cut, prune, limb, and craft lumber, and that it does with perfection.

In addition, it manages to show the ideal depth of cuts. To woodworkers and cabinetry installers, a handy and compact saw has arrived at your doorstep. Give it a try as it slice and smoothly cuts 2″ stock lumber and cuts 2x4s completely in a single pass. You can freely utilize it for cutting and trimming metal, tile, and a range of plastic; how amazing it is!

Worx always makes the top-notch cutting tool, whether it is a big or small size saw, and this reviewed suggestion will certainly give you a precise and powerful cutting job. The left-sided blade optimization ends up giving a highly visible line of sight. It is high time to cut wood on your own and perform this task better and make sure to carry it out with Worx.

Most importantly, the cutting-edge technology makes it an effective tool, and it meets possible benchmarks as set by professionals. Besides, this top notch corded circualr saw is designed to last and remain powerful, compact, and portable. Though it looks tiny, no power element has been sacrificed.

Alongside, though a thinner blade is there but it will undoubtedly put less strain on the chainsaw and pushes it to work and cut harder. Lastly, operate it with one hand because it is just 4.4 lbs. Due to the lightweight aspect, you can make more accurate cuts without making your hands tired and work for the longest time.


  • More efficient cuts
  • High depth-of-cut
  • Cutting-edge technology


  • It is not 100% tolerant towards rust

3. Genesis GCS445SE Mini Circular Saw

Uncountable mini saws have arrived in the market, but they are not high-quality. So what to do? We have one premium constructed model: Genesis Mini Circular Saw. It is encased with 4.0 Ampere Motor and shows up to 3500 RPM speed.

You should not look at its size because massive qualities are enclosed. Like, it allows one-handed operations to remain easy to use, user-friendly bevel controls, and high depth of cut. It is undoubtedly the most versatile tool for making the plunge, beveled, and a range of crosscuts.

The demand for lighter saws is getting immensely high, and that is why how we can forget reviewing Genesis mini saw! The presence of a barrel grip allows the user to operate it with one hand, and this practice will save a lot of time and energy. It easily and speedily trims through 2x materials.

Whether you want to cut thick woods, there is no need to switch to a larger saw. Using this compact and small cutting tool is enough. A spindle lock accompanies it to change the blade quickly and safely.

Thus, we have introduced to you a new series of saws, and they guarantee to work exceptionally regardless of the fact they are available in a tiny size. It bevels up to 45 degrees and cuts through all kinds of wood with the help of a 24T carbide-tipped blade.

The package includes a dust collector hose and a parallel guide. You will also get an Allen wrench. Thus, update your cutting tool set equipment, and do not forget to try out this recommendation.


  • One-Handed Operation
  • It makes perfect beveled cuts and crosscuts
  • Spindle lock


  • The brand has not properly enclosed it with Cutting-edge technology

4. TECCPO Mini Circular Saw

Next, we have TECCPO Mini Circular Saw! To make your wood cutting job less tiring, we have an extraordinary suggestion and manufactured by the TECCPO brand. It contains a copper motor, which shows the speed range up to 3500 rpm.

With its use, your tasks of cutting wood, tile, soft metal, and plastics will become quick and exhausting-free because such an outclass model has arrived. Three blades are there; make sure to use the 24T TCT (115mm) blade for cutting wood. 60T HSS (115mm) is utilized for cutting and trimming soft metal.

Then we have a grit diamond blade (115mm) that helps you cut tile. Thus, all your cutting needs will be satisfied because such a multipurpose tool is here at your doorstep. It shows bevel cutting capacity from 0 to 45 degrees, variable blade depth, installed with a precise laser guide, and ensures dust collection.

If you think it is tough to look for mini-size saws, you are wrong. One such suggestion is here, and you can try it out. You can adjust its depth up to 1-11/16″ and 1-1/8″. Because of this angle and depth adjustment, you can fulfill your wide-cutting tasks of yours.

Whether you want to cut a wood or tile or PVC tube, you eventually make precise and straight lines on it with the help of a built-in laser guide and also a scale ruler. Thus, stop buying large, heavyweight, and conventional circular saws. Get hold of this well-balanced model and let us know your views.


  • Powerful copper motor
  • Perfect for woodworking
  • Compact design


  • Late replies might come from the support team

5. PowerSmart Mini Circular Saw

When it comes to small size, compact design, and powerful operations, we always count PowerSmart Mini Circular Saw as one of the best options. Let us have a look at its review! It is fitted with a robust motor, shows 3500 RPM, and ensures precise cutting operations each time you hold it.

It makes it easier for you to cut and trim through wood and PVC tubing. In addition, you are handed over the tasks to cut laminate flooring, plasterboard, and MDF; you can also use the same tool. Its weight is so low that your hands will not feel as if you are holding anything; yes, it is true!

Conventional saws used to be bigger in size and massive in weight, but these days we have seen a clear-cut transformation in their design. The currently advanced cutting machinery has become lightweight and small. And among them, we have PowerSmart saw!

The ergonomically designed handle and slim design support the user in making the quickest and easiest cuts. The package includes a laser guide, scale ruler, and dust port. Time to make a straight line or curvy cuts in your desired material is only achievable if you use the right tool.

You have to ensure high precision whenever the woodcutting task comes in, and hopefully, cutting machinery manufactured by PowerSmart can ensure this practice.


  • Precise cutting
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Laser guide


  • A bit expensive

6. HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw

HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw has collected a huge fan-following in less time. It is of compact design, ensures high cutting speed, and smoothly trims and prunes materials including tile, wood, plastics, plasterboard. Its base is made of heavy-gauge iron, and that is completely wraparound.

Suppose you notice that your cutting machinery is heavy enough to hold, available in big size, and does not ensure safety and durability! It means you have to look for some other model and that you can definitely try the HYCHIKA compact saw. It contains three blades; they are sharper enough to easily cut all kinds of wood, tile, and plastics.

The package includes a 1x30T HW blade for making woodcuts. Besides, use 1x36T HS for making cuts on metal. The grit diamond blade is useful for creating cuts on tiles.
We know that it is of small size and less weight, but extraordinary qualities make it a powerful recommendation. Make it work for your DIY projects or set it up in your workshop.

It decreases hand fatigue because its less weight makes it light enough to hold for hours and hours. Hence, you can now bring more precision to your working environment, which is endorsed if you prefer having small and compact saws.


  • Three blades
  • Perfect for making woodcuts
  • Includes soft rubber handle


  • Beginners may not find it friendly to use

7. ENVENTOR Mini Circular Saw

If you love making wood items and you think that cutting, trimming, and crafting such a material is a hassle-filled task, you are wrong! Invest in this ENVENTOR Mini Circular Saw because it is great for woodworking tasks.

You can use it for cutting aluminum plastics, metal, tiles, and a range of wood, no matter how thick it is. It diversifies your working environment and extends the general application use.

To every single DIY lover, have this ENVENTOR cutting tool that is, however, of small size but works like a beast. You can adjust its cutting angle and depth according to your needs. The angle is adjustable from 0° to 45°, and depth can be adjusted up to 1-11/16″ and 1-3/8″ at 45°.

Users might have spotted that traditional models did not have legible and precise laser guide installed in them. That was the primary drawback seen in them, but the advanced saws like we have ENVENTOR cutting tool comes with a readable laser guide. In this way, you make straight lines and improve your work efficiency.

Rest, the safety button prevents accidental start-up and promises the safest and most secure cutting job. We think you should update your cutting machinery collection, and the very first tool you should be replacing is your old saw. Read out the user manual that comes along with it to better understand how to use it!


  • Left-sided blade design
  • Double safety button
  • Lightweight and compact design


  • Unattractive packaging

8. WEN 3625 Mini Circular Saw

WEN Mini Circular Saw endorses Power-packed performance. Please do not waste any time and get hold of it. Undoubtedly, it is the ultimate and ideal tool for cutting metal sheets, tiles, pipes, PVC and wood, lumber, and so much more. In addition, it makes a beveled, cross, and plunge cuts with perfection.

Time to bring preciseness in your cutting tasks and that you can always ensure if you use a good-quality saw and that too available in small size. Big size cutting tools are tougher to hold and make your hands tired in less time, but this WEN compact size can be made to work for hours and hours.

You can bevel it from 0 to 45 degrees, and it guarantees maximum accuracy each time you use it. You can further illuminate the cut lines because the tool is included with a laser.

Rest has a 5-ampere motor, 4-1/2-inch blade, and shows speed up to 3500 times per minute. It cuts the wood and any other material 1-11/16 inches deep.

You can see that it is of small size, but beast-like performance is given out by it. The 24-tooth blade that is carbide-tipped helps you cut and trim various materials. Thus, have this model and let us know whether it helps you get precise cuts or not.


  • Perfect for drywall and ceramic cutting
  • Makes beveled cuts
  • Maximize accuracy


  • There is no extra side handle

9. GALAX PRO Mini Circular Saw

We have none other than GALAX PRO Mini Circular Saw for multipurpose cutting jobs. It is officially enclosed with a powerful motor, premium blades, and maximum cutting capacity.

You can have this pick for cutting soft metals and tiles and even plastics and drywall. Do not look at its size because it works far beyond that. Small-sized saws are hassle-free to hold, make accurate cuts, and not inject fatigue.

The product includes two blades. One comes in the form of 24 teeth wood saw blade, and the second version arrives as 60 teeth metal saw blade form. It is up to you which one you want to choose depending on the material type you want to cut.

In addition, the cutting depth is adjustable at 90 degrees, and the bevel capacity reaches 45. Time to use small cutting tools now, and the very first option you should try out is this GALAX PRO saw.

It perfectly makes miter cuts and helps you extensively while framing and edging. Apart from its lightweight construction, it endorses and validates ergonomics and safety. With this easy to use mini circular saw, you get improved control, friendly operations, and minimal vibration.


  • Adjustable cutting angle
  • Safety and ergonomics
  • Minimal vibration


  • Handles are not rubber molded

10. TODOCOPE Mini Circular Saw

Coming to the last recommendation, you can definitely have it if you are looking for small and lightweight saws! We have TODOCOPE Mini Circular Saw with eight blades, injected with a robust motor.

It validates to give full-size performance and helps you make cuts on wood, plastics, plasterboard, PVC pipes. One should use the 2x24T TCT blade for making cuts and straight lines on wood, plastics, and the rest of the soft materials.

On the other hand, a 4x60T HSS blade is utilized to make lines on aluminum and thin metal sheets. Its depth and angle can be easily adjusted. For example, the depth reaches 1-3/4 inches at 90°, and the bevel capacity extends at 45°.

Uncountable small saws are there, but you should not get mistaken by their fake quality and performance standards. Buy TODOCOPE cutting tool because it is compact, powerful, and lightweight. Rubberized soft handles help you run it with one hand, and you tend to work longer for endless hours.

Try only to use the best cutting tools because making cuts on wood, plastic, and tiles is not an easy task, and you should make it less challenging. The arrival of such high-quality compact saws has made our process easier.


  • Safety design
  • Rubberized soft handle
  • Ensures precise cutting line


  • It may run out of stock sooner


Thus, improved cutting operations, top-notch performance, ergonomic grip, and longer run-time are the unique selling point of these best mini circular saws. In addition, they are engineered and overall constructed with 100% accuracy.

Their whole performance and functioning have been combined with superior ergonomics. So, do not look at their size; instead, evaluate their cutting capacity that will always meet your standards.

Our top choices are:

Makita Mini Circular Saw
Worx Mini Circular Saw
Genesis Mini Circular Saw

They cut with speed, ease, and efficiency! Moreover, their ultra-compact size helps you complete your cutting tasks while validating improved balanced. Stop stressing over whether you can cut plywood, MDF with perfection. You should not get tensed at all while trimming and crafting pegboard, particleboard. Same way, you should not feel under-confident while making cuts on drywall and melamine.

Get hold of these mini saws, and they will make your working experience ideal! Alongside, their lithium-Ion batteries are officially packed with Battery Protection Circuit system for protecting the machinery from overloading and over-discharging. Stay tuned as more unbiased reviews, honest comments, and experiences are yet to be penned down sooner.