Lots of chain versions have arrived that increases and amplifies the performance of chainsaws. Here we have reviewed the top 10 best chain for chainsaw and they have become the absolute most favorite choices among woodcutters and professional arborists. If your current chain quality has become outdated and giving out lot of wear and tear problems, it means you will not be able to cut and trim the wood and other materials with ease. So, try these recommendations because these chains are of top-notch quality.

In addition, they successfully serve each single need of the wood cutter and become the most preferred choice among professional arborists as well as loggers. If you use saw on the daily basis and its chain fail to withstand the daily use, it means it is not of premium and superior quality. The below-mentioned recommendations meet your cutting, trimming needs and offer a long-term use. These do not wear and tear out and you do not have to replace them again and again. So, inject these chains in your saws and boost your job performance.

Keep in mind this important point when getting a chain for your saw, consider its bar length, pitch and gauge. The bar length ensures this fact that your replacement chain remains compatible with the chainsaw. You can have the bar lengths in ranges of 14-inch, 16-inch or 18-inch and 20-inch. Thus, get hold of the recommended picks and bring improvement in your cutting tasks. They guarantee to give top performance, meet all trimming needs, and deliver maximum safety.

Top 10 Best Chain for Chainsaw in 2022

Oregon S62 Chainsaw Chain

Oregon S62 Chainsaw Chain

  • High toughness
Husqvarna SP33G Chainsaw Chain

Husqvarna SP33G Chainsaw Chain

  • Anti- fracture
Stihl Chainsaw Chain

Stihl Chainsaw Chain

  • Imported steel
Greenworks Saw Chain

Greenworks Saw Chain

  • Resistance to corrosion
SUNGATOR Chainsaw Chain

SUNGATOR Chainsaw Chain

  • Load baring surface
Bolounz Chainsaw Chain

Bolounz Chainsaw Chain

  • Sharp and wear-resistant
Loggers Art Gens Saw Chain

Loggers Art Gens Saw Chain

  • Quenched rivets
KAKEI Chainsaw Chain

KAKEI Chainsaw Chain

  • Premium industrial material
Abroman Chainsaw Chain

Abroman Chainsaw Chain

  • Fits most chainsaws
MoltenSales Chainsaw Chain

MoltenSales Chainsaw Chain

  • Quenched rivets

1. Oregon S62 Chainsaw Chain

Indeed, you will remain satisfied with the use of Oregon S62 Chainsaw Chain. The time has come to replace your current chain and use this one instead! Most importantly, it comprises 18 inches of bar and comes with 62 drive links. This one is a low kickback chain that you can get for yourself.

It fits and shows compatibility with lots of brands and this generally includes Husqvarna, Echo and even Poulan, Craftsman as well as Echo. No doubt, it looks durable, shows low-vibration and does not bring fatigue in your hands. You can enjoy and experience increased duration of work if such a chain is present in your saw.

It runs at 3/8 Inch Pitch and shows .050 Inch gauge and composed of 62 drive links. The catchy part is that it is heat-treated and shows utmost precision at its end. Lots of semi-chisel chains have arrived in the market but Oregon brand version catches our attention right away.

With such chains, you can make precise cuts and no tougher working times will be faced by you. It ensures higher tolerance, smoother operations and long-lasting use. The presence of chrome right there on its outer layer reduce wear. Along with that, the hardened rivets overall increase the performance and usage life of it.

It is a kind of model that helps you make adjustments with ease. Now, you do not have to struggle while working with the saw and adjusting it again and again because great version has arrived. Most noteworthy, the Lubri-Tec automatic premium oiling system is going to prolong its life and delivers sufficient oil to all key parts of it.

Thus, you can work smartly and efficiently on the condition if you use Oregon chains in your saw. It gives less downtime and demands minimum maintenance. It will become possible for all woodcutters and arborists to take immense pride in their work. Their cutting and trimming tasks will be done with perfection because high-quality chains have been made available in the shops.

Oregon brand stand by its craftsmanship, quality and engineered design. Its products fulfill your expectations. You can now try these best and top-class hard-chromed kind of cutter chains and let us know your views on it. It runs on the advanced technology, makes sharp cuts and show maximum range of wood bite. It is arguably the best chain for chainsaw in the market.


  • Low-vibration and durable
  • Heat-treated
  • Cuts smoothly


  • A bit expensive

2. Husqvarna SP33G Chainsaw Chain

Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain comes the next suggestion and we are utmost sure that you will like using it. It gets hopeless and useless again and again when you invest in low-quality chains and simply ruin your cutting related tasks. Now, the time has come not to compromise on the quality and get the best and super quality chain for your saw.

You can try the Husqvarna brand and share with us your experience while using and trying their latest versions. Note that this one is the X-Cut version that you can order for yourself. It has been made in a way to meet your personal and professional cutting work needs. If your present chainsaw chains do not supercharge your performance, you can try this model and see the difference.

It gets fit on the 16 inches bars and ensures maximum sharpness. Besides, it lasts longer, shows high durability and remains to stay precisely balanced. There is no need to sharpen it again and again because it retains its sharpness for a long time. It is all because of the premium manufacturing process and great combination of construction materials that no quality issues are seen in it.

The catchy part is that it has been pre-stretched right at the factory. In this way, it will get easy for you to use it for a longer time without adjusting it again and again. The package includes one X-Cut chain and the product is manufactured in Sweden. You can see that the oil shaped channels injected in the links are going to transport enough oil right to the X-Cut so that the chains keeps on enjoying superior lubrication.

So, are you ready to get it? You should be! It shows excellent precision and top performance. Moreover, it has become the favorite pick among arborists as well as wood cutters. The tree care experts have started to use such chains as well. You can try out this chain for your saw and share with us your rating.

It offers smooth operations and lasting sharpness and constantly gives the highest cutting efficiency. It even improves maneuverability, gives consistent cuts and reduces the amount of vibration levels. You should use only those kinds of chains for your saws that give comfort, high speed and smooth cutting operations and all of these qualities are present in this model. If you are one of the “DIY” homeowners, have this version for your saw and see solid performance out from it.


  • Lasts longer
  • Precise and balanced combination
  • Superior lubrication


  • It looks not sufficiently heat-treated

3. Stihl 26RS68 Chainsaw Chain

One of the top chains models we have for you and it is none other than Stihl Chainsaw Chain! Most importantly, it is of 18 inches and the product comes in the original box and premium packaging. In addition, it is factory-sealed. If you are currently looking for a low-kickback version, then we strongly suggest you buy this pick. You can even call it a micro chain because it compact design shows powerful operations.

Lots of outdated and cheap chains are there that only give kickback injury but Stihl chains are not among them. It comprises a taller profile, comes with a more mass and remains compatible with saws that are included with larger in size displacement engines. Other features like semi-chisel cutter make it an ideal choice among full-time professionals.

Its overall quality will hardly get dull even after years and years and you can conveniently maintain it without needing the help of an expert. No doubt, it has become the most suitable chain model for felling, bucking as well as for limbing. It offers a general-purpose use and commonly utilized by the professionals linked with agriculture, construction as well as forestry industry.

Thus, we recommend you have this low-kickback and green-labeled model. It is of absolutely and definitely high-quality type. Even more, it is constructed of high-grade kind of steel and delivers maximum and high toughness no matter you use it for hours and hours.

It has an anti-fracture design, remains to stay durable and sturdy and does not wear and tear out that much easily. We have seen that it is due to the non-stick coating that you can effortlessly maintain it on your own.
Thus, time to grab it for your saw that meets all standards and we genuinely believe that this respective suggestion is of the finest quality. It has become the much-loved pick and shows compatibility with saw models manufactured by brands like Craftsmen, McCulloch, Homelite and Poulan.


  • Factory sealed
  • High performance
  • Taller-profile


  • The lubrication part lacks upgradation

4. Greenworks 29072 Saw Chain

Besides, you can have the Greenworks Saw Chain. The unbiased review will tell you why it has become the top-most and highly loved chain for variety kinds of saws. It is of 8 inches and made by the most reputed brand.

The brand Greenworks has always captured and grabbed the limelight in terms of making cutting equipment, saws and chains as well as other kinds of power tools. No doubt, it has become the favorite brand among landscaping professionals. That is why we have suggested their chains to you! The model looks quite robust and meets your cutting needs no matter how complex and technical and troublesome they look.

In addition, it is of commercial-grade quality and delivers the top performance that all woodcutters and professional arborists have always desired. If you have started to note down that your saw chains do not work fine and gives not so precise and accurate cuts, it means you have to stop using them and get new and advanced chains instead.

It delivers the kind of power that none of the chains have showcased so far. Besides, its operations do not create any mess. No noxious fumes are given out by it. The highlighting part is that it is compatible with a large number of gas-powered chainsaws. It is generally seen that the reduced vibration levels and low noise has made it one of the impressive recommendations. The presence of filling indicators has made the sharpening process quite easier.

Due to the filling indicators, you end up making smooth cuts and successfully maintain equal cut lengths. So, what have you thought now? We think that you should be in the position to get high-end chains for your saws and recommendations like these have made our hunt easier.


  • Genuine replacement parts
  • High compatibility
  • Perfect cutting performance


  • The profile does not look user-friendly

5. SUNGATOR SG-S33 Chainsaw Chain

SUNGATOR Chainsaw Chain will eventually improve your cutting performance, trimming and pruning operations because such chains have become high in demand now a day. This reviewed product is of 8 inches, comprises .050” Gauge and consists of 3/8 inches of LP Pitch. It has 33 Drive-Links and you can make it compatible with different and varied kind of bar lengths.

There is no point of using those chains that decrease your chainsaw performance and power that is why we have recommended this model to our reader. Most importantly, it is UL approved and meets the respective ANSI standards. Besides, it is available in the semi-chisel design.

The low-kick back design and premium construction helps you bring a professional touch in your cutting needs. All in all, it delivers reliable quality, high toughness, made of Germany imported steel and composed of an anti-fracture design. The connection between the links has been heat-treated.

On the other hand, the quenched rivets perceive the model overall stronger and highly durable. You can also see that the cutters are accompanied and thoroughly plated by the hard chrome. This way, your saw will enjoy and receive the ideal wear resistance. Thus, the usage of imported steel; Semi-chisel Design makes it more tolerant and helps it stay sharp for a longer period of time.

It constantly cuts smoothly and all of this seems possible because the brand has not compromised on the quality element. You can now make up your mind and choose this brand. Hopefully, you will have the satisfactory experience.

It gets pointless when you continuously use old and cheap-quality chains. They ruin and damage your cutting tasks and none of us wants that! So, what to do in this situation? Get the chain that is of high-quality type and simply complete your cutting tasks smoothly.


  • UL approved
  • Fulfils the ANSI Standards
  • Low kickback design


  • Limited compatibility

6. Bolounz R52 Chainsaw Chain

Beyond, professionals, wood cutters and arborists can have Bolounz Chainsaw Chain. Its size is of 14 inches, carries 3/8″ Pitch and officially composed of .043″ Gauge. The presence of 52 Drive Links makes it a durable option so far. If you are using saws from brands like Echo, Husqvarna and Ryobi, this chain will indeed and surely remain compatible with them.

It is made of premium quality steel and remains to stay sharp and wear resistant. Along with that, it offers low vibrations, minor sound and higher cutting operations. We know that floods of chains have been launched till now and very few of the versions have met the standards of woodcutters and arborists. Among them, we have this amazing recommendation.

It shows maximum boring and cutting efficiency and maintains its low kickback potential as well. The single humped kind of drive link design makes it an eye-catchy choice. In addition, the most highlighting part is that the product comes with blued components. This feature is going to give high-resistance to your chain and it will get in the position to make your cutting task seamless and smoother.

Thus, one of the precise and highly controlled chains for chainsaws has arrived in the market. You can try it out and let us know your experience about it. Its controlled and well-managed tempering process makes it a unique product indeed.

We know that none of you feel like using cheap and sub-standard sort of chains, so some high-quality options have been suggested to you. You have to improve your wood cutting processes now and it is only possible if your professional chainsaw is infused and accompanied by top-notch and excellent quality chains.

Simply grab this product before it runs all out of stock. It has become the favorite and most liked pick among woodcutters. Those who are new in this wood cutting industry; they have to change their taste now. Start using such chains for you saws and dispose of all the outdated chains.


  • High quality
  • Wear resistant
  • Ideal for commercial cutters


  • It is not UL approved

7. Loggers Art Gens SG-S50 Saw Chain

Lots of experts have suggested using Loggers Art Gens Saw Chain. It ensures safety, ideal to be used for all sorts of cutting and trimming tasks and delivers reliable quality. If your chainsaw does not allow you complete home yard and landscaping related tasks smoothly, it means its chain has become outdated.
Now, you can try this chain and get back to your landscaping and wood cutting tasks like a pro. In addition, this respective model helps you cut all sorts of storm damaged trees. It is made of imported and premium steel and shows high-toughness for years and years.

It has become a must for the woodcutters and tree surgeons to look for the chain that has an anti-facture design, shows stronger construction, heat-treated design and quenched rivets and all of these qualities and premium features are present in this suggestion. It looks resistant to wear and tear and that is the catchy quality of it.

Furthermore, the model has received the UL approval and official certification. It is of 14 inches, .050″ Gauge, and carries 50 Drive links. Lots of people have preferred it because it runs on the Japanese technology. The chrome plated cutter makes the chain to stay sharper, well-maintained as well as highly balanced for years and years.

It shows industrial construction and fully meets your toughest and complex cutting needs. If you think that your current chainsaw takes more time during cutting and makes you fatigue-filled and tiring enough in less time, then you have to replace its chain immediately.

We hope that on replacing the chain, these issues will get solved. Rest, it has hardened rivets and pushes it to work for the longest hours. Along with that, it carries a load-bearing surface, improves strength and resists wear on the successful notes.

One cannot imagine that so many qualities are present in it, this is so amazing. Never compromise on the quality when buying chains for your chainsaws and try considering such hi-fi brands as well. And if you have tried some other product of the same brand, enlighten to us your views about it.


  • Imported steel
  • Premium and high toughness
  • It has an anti-fracture design


  • You may not find it 100% wear-resistant

8. KAKEI S52 Chainsaw Chain

If you have not tried out the chain for your saw that operates on the Japanese technology, now is the time to do so. You can have KAKEI Chainsaw Chain because it is definitely of high and excellent quality.
It comes in the semi-chisel design that is further accompanied by the low kickback design aspect. Germany steel is used in its construction process. It is claimed by the brand that you will see reliable and error-free performance out from it.

You can well note down that KAKEl has become a top brand in terms of manufacturing professional garden, chainsaw, cutting and logging tools. No doubt, it has become the most reliable accessories manufacturer.
This respective brand is much committed and dedicated to quality and premium features are witnessed in this model as well. On using this chain for your saw, you will definitely see high cutting performance. It runs on the advanced standards, functions on the latest technology and marked to be the first-class chain.

All of the raw materials that have been used in it are imported from Germany. The unique selling point is that it follows and meets the ISO9001:2015 quality control standard. It is time that you should use quality chains for your cutting equipment.

We have suggested you one top-class product and you can try it out now. It helps you make efficient, precise and accurate cuts. If you do not trust us, feel free to buy it and see how amazingly it works each day, each hour and each single minute.


  • Semi-chisel
  • Germany imported premium steel
  • Chrome-plated cutter


  • Limited guarantee

9. Abroman S52 Chainsaw Chain

Among countless number of chain options for saws, you can surely try out and have Abroman Chainsaw Chain. It shows the highest amount of toughness and durability and that marks to be the unique selling point of it. Its surface has been treated with the hard chrome and offers the perfect amount of wear resistance.

No vibration and noise is produced by it. Due to the low kickback design, you will be able to cut perfectly and smoothly. Lots of professionals linked with the job titles like woodcutters and arborists have praised using it because it is heat treated.

If you used to think that it seemed tough to get the chain for the cutting equipment that is of low chisel design, then you are wrong. Try this recommendation as meets the exact designing and manufacturing standards. It gives out great bore cuts and shows efficient cutting performance. In addition, it has become the perfect and 100% favorite pick among professional chainsaw users.

We believe that if your job is to constantly work in the high-production environment, then you have to get those saws that are infused with premium quality chains. So, why not try out the Abroman brand? You should be! It has Chrome-Plated Cutters, hardened rivets and composed of an advanced design.

The inculcation of industrial and premium hard chrome makes it one of the fabulous options and constantly guarantees to give smooth cutting. On the other hand, the Hardened Rivets delivers high-quality and improves strength.

Now, the time has come to make consistent and precise cuts and we have ensured this practice if you use the chain manufactured by the Abroman brand. All in all, it shows shock absorbing property, low vibrations and many more other great qualities.


  • High toughness
  • Premium and high-end Surface Treatment
  • Ideal wear resistance


  • It is not completely chrome plated

10. MoltenSales 55DL Chainsaw Chain

MoltenSales Chainsaw Chain has officially arrived to fulfill your cutting needs no matter you are using the chainsaw at the personal, professional or beginner level. It has become an ideal recommendation to be used by the homeowners, wood cutters, arborists and landscapers.

Its overall design ensures low-vibration and even low kickback aspect. If your present saw and its chain do not offer outstanding and desired performance, it clearly means that you have to get a new chain for your cutting machine. With respect to this suggestion, it has 3/8 Inches of low-profile pitch and contains .043 Inch (1.1 mm) gauge.

It further comprises 55 drive links. Now, it is possible to have chains that show maximum precision and long-lasting operations. Presently, you can try out the chains made by MoltenSales brand and let us know your usage experience about it. All in all, it looks tougher, carries hardened rivets, reduces wear and tear and helps you make multiple numbers of adjustments.

Most noteworthy, the product is made in the U.S.A and you will get Limited Lifetime Warranty. No doubt, it has become the suitable choice for doing big and massive cutting jobs. Along with that, experienced cutters have loved utilizing it. You can cut both kinds of soft and dry wood if this respective chain is inducted in your cutting machine.

You end up getting firmer grip while cutting the toughest wood and experience minimum chance of kickback. Thus, such great qualities are offered by the MoltenSales chain. It does not make slower cuts at all and believes to be safest and reliable to use by the beginners.

Easy installation process is offered by it. The customer simply has to take out the chain from the box, inject it in the chainsaw and enjoy its operations. These days, people largely prefer using chains that are made of hard-steel and remain to be heat-treated and the exact recommendation is in front of you.


  • Ideal for landscapers
  • Low-vibration as well as low kickback design
  • Automatic oiling system


  • The customer service does not look active

Buyer’s Guide for Best Chain for Chainsaw

If buying a high-quality saw matters for you, in the same way, choosing a top-quality chain is a must and mandatory for you as well. Here you can see the buying guide that will tell which factors set apart low-quality chains from high-quality versions. A top-notch chain present in a saw helps you complete your projects with no hassle. The premium versions assist you in cutting branches, pruning trees. It gets easy and tiring-free for you when it comes to removing stumps as well as toppling trees. So, look for the best chain for your saw and improve your cutting actions and performance.

Types of chains

When purchasing a chain, you should consider keeping in mind its types. On general notes, we have chipper designed, semi-chisel as well as full chisel teeth designed chain.

The full chisel and chipper chains have angular and square-cornered kind of teeth. They help you cut and trim softwood quickly. In addition, they are packed with tough exteriors; provide safety, delivers comfortable speed.

The semi-chisel chains have round cornered teeth. They are known to retain and maintain their sharpness. For cutting wood, they have become the ultimate choice. You can even use it for cutting frozen wood. It is all because of the round chisel teeth that this kind of chain will be able to cut both kinds of hard and softwood. On the other hand, the semi-skip chains have fewer teeth and runs on less power.

Chain length

Readers have to understand that saws and other cutting machines generally come in different bar lengths. While buying a chain, you have to make sure and confirm whether it is compatible and fits well with your chainsaw model or not. There is no point of buying the chains if they do not get adjust in your chainsaw.

Like, if you have got the too loose or too tight chain, it means that is a bad and highly incorrect match for your cutting equipment. The lack of compatibility will result in accidental situations and you will fail to operate that saw properly. Thus consider the bar length and make it get well fit with your chain length. Most of the chains are available in lengths like 14-inch, 16-inches and some are designed to have 18-inch and 20-inches of length.

The chain pitch

The element of pitch will tell you how close the entire drive links will get connected together. To know its pitch, what you can do is to measure the distance right between three rivets and simply divide that number by 2. The available chain pitch sizes are 0.250-inches, 0.325 – 0.375-inches as well as 0.404-inches. If you have bought the 3/8” low profile chain, it means that it is going to be featured with a narrow cutting width.

On the other hand, we have noticed that among the professional chainsaw using staff, they like to have the chains that are available in the pitch size range of 0.404 inches. Besides, for occasional wielders as well as hobbyists, they are free to have 3/8-inch pitch chain. It is all because of the large distance existing between the links of the chain that the user will be able to experience aggressive and error-free cutting operations of wood.

The chain gauge

When buying a chain for the saw, do keep in mind its gauge. In other words, it tells us about the overall thickness of your drive links. With the help of this feature, you will be able to lock the chain and avoid much noise and vibration as well as kickback chances. The chain gauge has to match accurately and exactly with your chainsaw’s guide bar so that it can keep on performing efficiently.

If the gauge comes out to be too thick, it means that it will not get adjust and fit to the cutting tool. On the other hand, if chain gauge is too thin, it will eventually slip away and gives you poor cuts. The available sizes of gauges are 0.043” inches, 0.050” inches to 0.063”. The commonly used gauge size is 0.050.

The drive links

The last important factor is of drive links! Keep in mind that the important and mandatory parts in any chain are the cutter, rivet and also drive link and tie strap. The drive links are located at the bottom section of your chain. They get fit into the guide bar. The number and total amount of drive links gets correspond to the total number of sprocket teeth. That you can find and search easily on the manual!

Most importantly, their thickness is measured in millimeters and it is their overall width that determines and finalizes the chain length of yours. If the drive link thickness is of 1.1, it means it will show compatibility with domestic chainsaws and also curving chainsaws.

The thickness range of 1.5 & 1.6 makes it a suitable option to be used for professional saws and semi-professional chainsaws. The 2 mm thickness has become a rare option so far. Such a chain drive link width is only visible and available on the powerful and robust looking chainsaws.

Now, we have told you about each single procedure that will help you in buying the best chains for your cutting tools like chainsaws. You can go through the buying guide again and let us know if you have any ambiguity.

Final Words

We have managed to share with you unbiased reviews on the best chain for chainsaws. Extra-ordinary features are present in them and we genuinely and honestly believe that all these top picks will bring improvement in your cutting performance. For cutting rough lumber and the toughest woods, these chains have become the desirable choices.

In addition, they have been engineered and designed for precision. Using them will not produce any vibration and noise. These chains are heat-treated, plated with hard chrome and passed themselves through the advanced heat treatment. You should now enjoy quicker, smoother and easier cutting processes and it is possible to accomplish if your saw is infused with the right kind of chain in it.

Our Top Choices are:

• Oregon S62 Chainsaw Chain

• Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain

• Stihl Chainsaw Chain

You can let us know which chain you want to buy now and which others has become your favorite as well. All professionals have supported their use and displayed 100% satisfaction. Most of the above-suggested are semi-chisel chains. They help you cut faster, manages to stay sharper for a longer time and withstand all gritty, dirty and messier cutting conditions. You can also try out the full-chisel chains because they are generally of professional grade. Such options come with square cutter edges and assist you in making clean cuts at high speeds. Keep connected with us.