We see a huge preference for economical and 100% reasonably priced cutting tools these days. Here we have penned down reviews on the best budget circular saw, and we are confident that they will not disappoint you.

Do not look at their price tag; just look at their performance. They make exceptional deep, bevel, plunge, miter, and crosscuts with super perfection. In addition, cutting hardwood, 2 x blocks of wood, and plywood, OSB boards, will become immensely easy and quick. The models mentioned below can bevels up to 45 degrees, installed with an ergonomic handle and double trigger switch.

You might have come across many low-priced saws in shops, but their quality and performance do not meet the advanced benchmarks. That is why we have searched these best models for our readers. The enclosure of a powerful motor, steel shoe, metal guards gives the whole machine added durability.

Circular saws have always been in demand, and in recent times, we have seen massive demand for economical saws. Time to cut woods, trim plastics, or craft other materials at ease, and these tasks can be done in a hassle-free manner if you invest in these below-mentioned versatile tools.

Through their use, you can make rip or cross cuts with unstoppable accuracy and efficiency. You will find these picks compact and lightweight, and they possess a lot of tendencies to make plunge cuts and tackle all kinds of jobs. Check out the reviews now.

Reviews of Top 10 Best Budget Circular Saw in 2022

ImageProductsUnique FeaturePrice
DEWALT Budget Circular Saw

DEWALT Budget Circular Saw

  • High strength magnesium shoe
SKIL Budget Circular Saw

SKIL Budget Circular Saw

  • Dust blower
PORTER-CABLE Budget Circular Saw

PORTER-CABLE Budget Circular Saw

  • Gives a clear line of sight
BLACK+DECKER Budget Circular Saw

BLACK+DECKER Budget Circular Saw

  • Laser guide
Ryobi Budget Circular Saw

Ryobi Budget Circular Saw

  • Transparent lower guard
Worx Budget Circular Saw

Worx Budget Circular Saw

  • Lightweight
Genesis Budget Circular Saw

Genesis Budget Circular Saw

  • One-handed operation
MOTORHEAD Budget Circular Saw

MOTORHEAD Budget Circular Saw

  • Dust management port
EnerTwist Budget Circular Saw

EnerTwist Budget Circular Saw

  • Lightweight yet powerful
GALAX PRO Budget Circular Saw

GALAX PRO Budget Circular Saw

  • Accurate cuts

1. DEWALT Budget Circular Saw

  • Editor’s Choice for Best Budget Circular Saw

    DEWALT Budget Circular Saw

This has generally been a perception that budget-friendly saws are not high quality. But this is discarded now! Many cutting machines have arrived in the market that is cost-friendly and premium in terms of working, and among them, we have DEWALT Budget Circular Saw.

Do not look at its low cost because so many expensive to see qualities are present in it. Like, it is encased with a 5150 RPM motor and pushes you to make efficient, speedy, and versatile kinds of cuts in less time. It ensures to offer high strength. The d lightweight magnesium shoe delivers job site durability.

If your present cutting machine does not offer you long-term cut preciseness and accuracy, it means you should try to get an advanced model and feel free to pick the DEWALT brand. The brand has kept the price low and promises to infuse its hi-fi-qualities. Most importantly, its optimized grip, high bevel capacity, and carbide-tipped blade have genuinely marked it as one of the eye-catchy choices.

You will observe the element of control and optimal balance; how amazing it is! No matter how aggressive and thick your material is, use the DEWALT circular saw that validates to call itself budget-friendly and cut all sorts of materials with ease.

Its bevel capacity reaches from 0 to 50 degrees, offers many applications, and the cutting capacity turns out to be two times more than other traditional saws. You will not believe it, but that is true that the user can make more cuts and straight lines per charge.

Thus, get this model because it is not breaking your account. The delivery of immense depth of cut increased accuracy, and easy storage has made it our favorite pick.


  • High strength
  • Lightweight magnesium shoe
  • Optimized comfort grip


  • A bit slow customer service

2. SKIL Budget Circular Saw

The list of budget-friendly saws is uncountable. And customers have extensively preferred buying this SKIL Budget Circular Saw. Its lowest price has not comprised its quality or performance and that you will surely see on using it.

The low-price tag has not deteriorated its construction and cutting capacity. Great traits are embossed in it! Most noteworthy, it contains a 15-ampere motor, 5 300-RPM speed, and keeps on validating greater speed, maximum precision, and faster cuts.

In the niche of pocket-friendly saws, we have seen this common factor: their blades are of superior quality, and the same aspect is injected here. The reviewed model has a 7-1 4-inch carbide-tipped and sharp blade. Alongside, the inculcation of the spindle lock will make it super easy for you to change the blade.

Bevel capacity reaching up to 51 degrees, making positive stops at 45 degrees, and the potential to make wider cuts are its unique selling points. We are 100% sure that you must have never used such a cutting machine that offers so many rich traits at the lowest price range.

Rest, it has a dust blower. In this manner, all lines and cuts will remain free of sawdust and end up giving you super visibility. So, do you want to have the money-friendly yet powerful and top quality circular saw that has a single beam laser, indicator light, dust blower, and guarded trigger installed in it? You should be! You can definitely have it for cutting quickly and smoothly plywood and framing materials.


  • Faster cuts
  • Carbide-tipped blade
  • Safety lock trigger


  • Need maintenance

3. PORTER-CABLE Budget Circular Saw

Stop worrying and stressing that you could not find a high-quality saw at a low price tag! Yes, it has become possible, and you can certainly invest your time, money, and efforts while looking for a PORTER-CABLE Budget Circular Saw. Though it is of low price but works fabulously.

The speed reaches up to 5500 RPM, installed with a 15-ampere motor, and also remains speedy enough to cut a range of materials without showing any reluctance. In addition, the brand has included an exclusive element in it. It is a steel shoe, which further offers an optimum line of sight.

Now, through this feature, you can make so many accurate cuts that none of the cost-friendly saws have been able to provide that. It is 9.5 lbs and enclosed with an Aux handle. Holding this PORTER-CABLE saw will be a breeze because no weight is put on your hands and shoulders, and you can comfortably make it work for hours and hours.

It cuts all types of applications. Undoubtedly, it looks additionally durable because of upper and lower guards made of metal and steel show. So, what have you planned now?

Get your hands on this machine that is not only cost-friendly; in fact, it is strong, durable, efficient, and infused with the sharpest blades. Cutting a range of applications like hardwood, plywood, and OSB boards will be a breeze.


  • Accurate cuts
  • Durable construction
  • Quick adjustments


  • The safety lock trigger looks a bit hassle-free to use

4. BLACK+DECKER Budget Circular Saw

BLACK+DECKER Budget Circular Saw has a lightweight design, infused with powerful motor construction, and includes laser guide, spindle lock, quick bevel adjustment, corded operations, and much more. Yes, uncountable qualities are there at such a low price.

So, are you ready to buy it? You should be! The lightweight design will keep your hands comfortable and 100% controlled. You will see no exhaustion and thus be able to cut all kinds of thick and dense materials in less time.

These days, lots of low-cost saws are accompanied by the laser guide feature, and this aspect has increased their overall worth. The purpose of using a laser guide is to lighten up the cut lines and experience an error-free cutting job.

You can even make beveled cuts and customize the depth at a low price tag. Alongside, corded designed saws are preferred because they give you unlimited runtime, and you get into the position to perform challenging jobs with ease.

The package includes one circular saw, one blade, and one wrench. It wins all the challenges regardless of whether you want to make straight, bevel, or angled cuts. In addition, it perfectly and professionally makes miter cuts, rips, prunes, and limbs the range of materials.


  • Minimize muscle fatigue
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Customize the depth of cut


  • Quick adjustments are tougher to make

5. Ryobi Budget Circular Saw

How about having Ryobi Budget Circular Saw! You can buy it because it has excellent power and superior functioning embedded in it, along with the budget-friendly price tag. Its handles are rubber molded so that you can hold it with ease and even for endless hours without feeling any tiredness.

The molded handles will definitely increase friction, improve handling, and you can make this saw work in all conditions. On the other hand, the transparent lower guard, adjustable bevels settings, extra side handles, and ease of use has made it one of the favorite picks.

If you are running out of budget, but you want to get a superior saw without spending a lot, you can have Ryobi cutting machine. Its polyurethane blade guard gives you maximum visibility no matter the type of cut you want to make.

You can bevel it up to 50 degrees and fulfill your cutting job requirements professionally. Although the handles are molded, there is an extra side handle encased in it. It doubles up your control and maximizes the overall usage time.

Simply hold this handle while you make intricate cuts. Lastly, the machine shows compatibility with Ryobi’s 18 Voltage batteries. How cool it is! We believe you should wisely invest in saws now, and this task is likely to get accomplished if you consider all qualities mentioned in this model.


  • Polyurethane blade guard
  • Adjustable bevel
  • Extra side handle


  • You cannot customize the depth of cut

6. Worx Budget Circular Saw

Worx Budget Circular Saw will certainly not empty your bank account. Just take out small cash and buy it. It is not only cost-friendly but also small and compact. This is a common perception that low-cost saws fail to make accurate and precise cuts, but Worx cutting machine has discarded this myth.

And now it is possible and 100% achievable to have low-cost saws, works accurately, and makes precise cuts. It shows 0 to 45-degree bevel settings, maximum depth-of-cut. Just take out any material you want to cut and make it work on this machine; you will certainly see the best results.

It cuts lumber, plastic, ceramic, drywall, and firewood in a single pass. Whatever cut you are making, you can see it because the left-sided blade gives a super visible line of sight.

You need to believe now that low-price saws are also infused with cutting-edge technology, and one such tool is here in front of you. Do not miss the chance and have this cost-effective tool whose weight is half as compared to other traditional and low-quality tools.

It will not give you a tough time because the brand has claimed lots of big promises, and it is making efforts to reach those benchmark standards. We think that you should give this machinery a try because it is here to impress you and not to disappoint you at all.



  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Designed to last
  • Operate it with only one hand


  • There is no side handle in it

7. Genesis Budget Circular Saw

Looking for cost-friendly saws has become a piece of cake. Yes, that is absolutely true, and among the high-end models, we have Genesis Budget Circular Saw.

It has a 4.0 Amp Motor, encased with 3500 RPM and injected with a barrel grip element. In addition, it demands one-hand operation from the user side. It means that it is not only a pocket-friendly saw; in fact, it is lightweight and compact.

The depth and bevel control settings are easy to adjust. No matter you are given the task to make plunge and beveled cuts, or you want to craft woods and plastics for a DIY project, get hold of this tool and avoid investing in an expensive option.

We are here to save your money, and that is why we have introduced this epic and low-cost cutting tool in front of you. It cuts and crafts through 2X materials.

Moreover, it bevels up to 45° and can cut through wood of all types. Such functionality is possible because a 24T carbide-tipped blade is infused in it. Note that the package includes a dust collector hose and Allen wrench. Place this tool in your garage, workshop and let us know your reviews on it.


  • One-Handed Operation
  • User-friendly Depth and Bevel Controls
  • Spindle lock


  • The technology infused in it looks not so advanced

8. MOTORHEAD Budget Circular Saw

MOTORHEAD Budget Circular Saw is the next one we will honestly review for you. Its price tag looks impressive, and its qualities have overwhelmed and almost stunned us. Most noteworthy, premium features are enclosed with this budget-friendly price tag.

It has a laser cutting guide, and lumen max LED. It always makes precise and straight cuts. If you think that making cuts and lines in dark spaces seems an impossible task to achieve, you are wrong! Get hold of the MOTORHEAD saw to solve this problem.

It validates and promises to make your cutting tasks safer, full of depth, and precise enough. You should not get afraid that your hands might get injured during cutting; that will not happen because the machine is packed with a metal blade guard that ensures double protection while you use this circular saw.

Rest is quickly connected with both 1-1/4 inches and 35mm vacuum connections to capture dust and reduce clean-up. Hence, are you making up your mind to get a kind of saw that is both powerful and not so expensive? If yes, try this model. It includes a 2Ah battery, fuel gauge indicator, integrated temperature sensors, and Carbide Tip Framing Blade.


  • Laser cutting guide
  • Make straight cuts
  • Compact yet powerful


  • Limited warranty

9. EnerTwist Budget Circular Saw


EnerTwist Budget Circular Saw is one of the optimized models you should try out now. It allows one-handed use, and that is its unique selling point. If you want to cut 2×4’s quickly and smoothly in a single pass, that is the perfect tool that we have for you.

It does not cost much, looks inexpensive, and remains easily maneuverable. Alongside, it is 100% compact and lightweight. We are of utmost confidence that you have not used such a saw that is efficient and powerful in terms of operations and looks inexpensive too! But the reviewed model meets a bunch of great qualities.

Its blade size is 4-1/2 inches, guarantees to offer multi-purpose use, and makes cuts on all materials like wood, soft metal, plastic, and more. Many users have highlighted that their present saws failed to make bevel and plunge cuts, and those are expensive cutting tools as well!

We have one solution: to invest in EnerTwist saw, and at the same time, it is inexpensive. The package includes a laser guide and also parallel guide. It claims to meet benchmarks like offering high precision cutting, maximum cut-line visibility, a high amount of comfort, balance, and 100% control.

You will also be getting a Vacuum Adapter, 24T Carbide-tipped sharp Blade, and Diamond Blade along with the package. The two-year warranty time is offered, and 90-Days Money Back Guarantee time.


  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Adjustable cutting depth
  • Includes Soft-metal Blade


  • The laser cutting guide performance is not up to the mark

10. GALAX PRO Budget Circular Saw

GALAX PRO Budget Circular Saw is a powerful model, and its price looks so reasonable and economical. It generates speed up to 5800RPM and can slice all kinds of materials like laminate flooring, ceramic, wood, plastics, and plasterboard.

First of all, it makes perfect miter and bevel cuts. Even if you want to make a 0-degree cut, you can do that through this model. It can be quickly adjusted to multiple bevels and miter angles to get desired and precise joint-forming cuts.

The catchy quality enclosed in this model is that its depth adjustment is possible with the help of the lever attached with it. You can utilize it for plumbing applications and even for cutting old floorboards.

It endorses 100% safety, precision, and accuracy, and very few of the reasonably priced saws have managed to offer that! So, do not waste any time and pick up the GALAX PRO brand.

Its on/off switch amplifies the operations’ safety and avoids accidental activation and dangers. Hence, we have a low-priced cutting tool for making accurate cuts, and you can order it now.


  • Makes bevel and miter cuts
  • Ensures Work safety
  • Includes dust blower


  • The package includes a limited number of blades


So, which economical and low-priced circular saw do you want to try out? Do let us know! There is no need to buy high-price cutting tools and such expensive saws; we have so many great solutions available in the form of recommendations, as mentioned earlier. These reasonably priced tools offer powerful operations, cut precisely and accurately, and encased with advanced features.

Our top choices for the best budget circular saw are:

· DEWALT Budget Circular Saw

· SKIL Budget Circular Saw

· PORTER-CABLE Budget Circular Saw


In addition, they smoothly cut lumber, metal sheets, plastic and ceramic stuff with ease. The above-recommended models have a single-beam laser guide, and they help you cut with increased precision, ease, and accuracy. Besides, the dust blowers integrated into these tools keep your work area free from dust and dirt and supports you in making lines and cuts with no error.

Thus, it is time to enjoy making various cuts and lines, which is only possible if you pick the right cutting tool at your end. You can also learn how to use a circualr saw efficiently. Stay tuned so that further reviews on reasonably priced saws can be shared with you on time.