Many people do not know which the best and most preferable angle range is to sharpen a chainsaw chain! According to experts, it lies between 25° and 35°. Honing the chain at this angle helps you cut, prune and trim wood like a pro. Thus, it is necessary to sharpen the chain at the right angle.

Most importantly, the sharpening angle falls between 25° and 35°. Choosing the wrong angle will always make it messier and troublesome while cutting hardwoods. In addition, the correct sharpening angle depends on the kind of wood you want to cut and the saw chain you have picked up. You must keep in mind this golden rule of thumb that the harder the wood type, the greater the angle.

Why Is It Important To Sharpen The Chainsaw?

Thoroughly sharpening the chainsaw has become of prime and fundamental importance. The cutting tool can work at its full power and potential if honed up to the mark. If its blade does not look up to the mark, you will get zero cutting results. Blunt and uneven edges require more force to cut the hardwood. They make inaccurate cuts and trim the wood without any precision.

How To Know Your Chainsaw Needs Sharpening?

There are a few of the crucial signs that must keep in mind, and these signs tell that your chainsaw chain immediately needs to get sharpened:

  • The chain fails to accurately and precisely cut the wood.
  • You tend to put more pressure on the cutting machinery.
  • The chainsaw might jump when sawing. It is a noticeable indication that your chain lacks a blunt and well-sharpened blade.
  • You start getting sawdust instead of getting rough pieces of hardwood.
  • Uneven and dull blade cuts in one direction only.
  • You spot smoke emissions because the chain is not fully and thoroughly sharpened.

Most noteworthy, properly sharpening the chainsaw chain needs a suitable set of tools. Get a round-shaped file, flat file, a filing gauge, sharpening grid, and a file holder.

Pick a round file that comes with the correct diameter. Choose the one which gets matched with your saw chain. In addition, get the flat file with compact dimensions and precisely cut the hardwood without hassle.

The Right Way To Sharpen The Chainsaw

  1. First of all, clean the chainsaw chain by using a resin solvent.
  2. Properly sharpen and hone both of the blade sides. Move the file in a forward and backward motion.
  3. Once you have sharpened the teeth, make adjustments in the depth limiter. You must decide beforehand how deeper the tooth plate needs to penetrate the hardwood.
  4. When you are done sharpening all of the cutting teeth at the same length, the chainsaw is ready once again to cut the hardwood.
  5. Lubricate the chain, adjust the tension and proceed with your cutting job.


Wrapping up! 25° and 35 is the recommended angle range for sharpening the chainsaw chain for hardwood. You can share your experiences on how you hone the saw blade. Stay connected!